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Happy New Year and happy twerkin’


toshadiva says:

Yo I had to check my Horoscope for 2014.. It’s good to Know…
I JUST WENT HERE -> http://bit.ly/1fv8mpW

ZionGeneration says:

Woah, I am a akward jewish white boy, what a small world.

Destiny S. says:

Hahaha xD 

selena green says:


Emmanual Greer says:

Omg that’s to adorable!

BigJon200 says:

Priceless lmfao

Jesus Cervantes says:


precious shodipe says:

People should stop hating they tried to do it and that’s what matters
anyway u know how people say that black people always say whites can’t
twerk its not true I’m black and I think black whites Asian or anybody can
twerk it mattes if u try. 

rosario rangel says:

Omfg. This is disturbing. At 5:10 , peep the moms illest cameltoe 

Randolph Solomon says:

dis shit garbage

Hariet Collins says:

Y’all are too cute. Your Mom, “I think I can do this!” LMBO

Anthony Dean says:

This is so cute and very entertaining. It’s refreshing to see a mom and
daughter have a fun, good relationship. And this was obviously done all for
fun and you two were tasteful facing the camera. Ignore the haters!

leekleek brown says:

Skip 2 4:00

JuniorX X says:

Haha!! How I feel trying to teach all of my friends. <<<

Santannah Gonzales says:

Song plz !!!!

Kaytee Cheyenne says:


Jami Johnson says:

I like jenna marbles!

Kaitlyn Headly says:

OMG stop black people always say omg white girls cant twerk well shut the
hell up 

Buck Wing says:

hahahahaha like your ass is having a stroke lol

Micah Rowan says:

your mom can’t twerk just you

caitlyn k says:

You two are adorable!!!

epocs says:

this is akin to “swag”…. people denigrating themselves by emulating
degenerate lowlife culture. i feel sorry for that little girl… her mother
should be teaching her self respect, dignity…. protecting her from the
social pressures that exist wich perpetually pressure young girls to become
pseudo feminist skanks.

What is twerking? It’s when a female wants to portray herself as social

Baybee Dee says:

Haha i likeed itt xD

Itsz just hvn funn dammn ppk to damn judjable these daiisz -_-

DaLhila Jones says:

but her mum is so cool

Sara Dalrymple says:

the dog behind them was just watching all of that lol

Monesha Zasmine says:

Its a comedy they know they can’t twerk lol but im weak

FlyPRealz09 says:

Seriously kill yaself.. White pple stay in ya own lane.. Just something
else for yall to claim right..”O mom its a new dance miley cyrus came up
with” Foh admit that u all are infacuated with r so called ignorant
culture.. Yall aint shit but thieves rapist peckerwoods n CRACKERS!!!

Kimberly Jett says:

mom has had a couple glasses of wine ;)

Amina Omar says:

looool!!!! the mother has got guts!!!
You rock!!!

Marie Amour says:

I dont think they are being serious. They are just having fun. Unlike
others , they didn’t have their asses in the camera. Just mom and daughter
trying to have fun. God damn!

(going to those who says the self respect shit and that they cant dance,
they are not serious and their asses isn’t facing the camera)

Carolina Garcia says:

Man just stfu-.-

Legend Johnson says:

Its at 5:10

SincerelyAmberM says:

omg why so many rude comments, this is sapost to be funny lighten up people

afua owusu-donkor says:

Haha,you guys are adorable.Even though,that wasn’t twerking,I really liked
the video! c:

mike h says:

She’s cute as hell. Am I the only one who thinks girls who are actually
respectful and not slutty are cute or what haha

Simone Smith says:

Look it kills me that people are so negative and mean about stuff I think
this is HILARIOUS and was made in good fun I think they know they aren’t
really twerking so some of y’all need to chill. Hell if you don’t like the
video you watch DON’T COMMENT DUH… 

dc says:

that was funny, ya both cool xxx

jacintomauricio says:

Zzzzzzzzz,zzzzzz what a barbage

Melony Isaac says:
Buck Wing says:

cute video

DaLhila Jones says:

plus theres rlly no steps to twerking so….what twerk are you doing?

Moustachekitten1 says:

lol #HILARIOS I gotta make a video like this (I wonder if my mom can
twerk) she gos to clubs all the time I wonder wat she does there…?

abbie x says:

daughter was soooooo funny loooool

Kiffany Rodgers says:

I’m WEAK!!! Best mom and Daughter Video!

Jasmine Desormeaux says:

LOL I wish I could do these things with my mom!!! XD

Darius Bivins says:

Very Cute…lol :-)

P DV says:

I have to… You two are a trip! Made me laugh especially when the
daughter undressed into that blue dress. Mom looked great!!! You two have
a great relationship. I think the daughter was holding back and knows how
to twerk but didn’t want to show mom how she does it in a club… Bravo!

Eurithmics Stalgia says:

5:35 mom realizes her daughter is doing something “too sexual” DAT FACE :D

PrincessJ0607 says:

This is actually soo cute!! BUUUTT You’re teaching people the wrong way LOL

briunna mac says:

yall corny

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