White girl twerk team #4

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UndeadKombatant says:

How come when theres always a good vid it has bad quality

Anthony Waller says:


Bryan Donovan Jr. says:

apparently no one told them you’re not supposed to keep pulling your
panties back down!!! what’s wrong with these two!? its like listening to
“stairway to heaven” and someone keeps hitting the replay button as the
melodic intro ends and its about to get fucking rockin’

sarahrolie says:

stop pulling shorts down, when they creep up, leave’m up

Jeremy De Young says:

Bad at twerking but sexy

Jhane Peters says:

Horrible!!! White girls THINK they can twerk

Cameron Markland says:


John Plump says:

You both can get fucked lmaooo

I'm Flexo says:


Tony Shelton says:

NASTY TRASH… Garanteed future AIDS, HPV, WARTS, with a yard full of
kids,Single on WELFARE !!! CHEAP SCANKS would only post a video of them
selfs like this…its not hard to figure how there kids are gonna turn out
to act…and to think God the Masters father created them and gave them his
own breath to breathe and this is how they repay him…

Luca Pont says:

really fantastic! emm and can receive a response to your appreciation?

Madelynne Evanik says:

your 6 year old sister wants her pants back 

charles frantzkensly says:

Not good!

Marioso Garcia says:



sam wilson says:

U two were great and fine lol

Ashlynn Starnes says:

That girls ass is eating her shorts 

Arcangel Morales says:

2 hoes b practicing they bouncing for my Dick 

daeshaun dunn says:

Sexy as fuck
The one on the right is better at poppin
The one on the left has a better ass
I’d like to fuck both

coltsdfreeney93 says:

They bad an all bt when yoh make videos lk this and put it on the internet
it makes you look rlly unattractive. Respect yourselves btr

Lester Dela Cruz says:

stop pulling your panties back god dammit!!

natalie Robertson says:

Do you have to have but muscles to twerk?

Epicness4567 says:

Girls, if u have a big ass, kik me deathtopeople or text me 856-630-4543. I
got a big cock

quendo418 says:

one on the right doing her thing though ..

Cam Cross says:


Takashi Komuro says:


Shamark Neath says:


Ulysees Spence says:

Stop pullin yo panties back down

Kayla Brown says:

that aint the one lol

tabitha dwyer says:

wtf y they keep doin the same thing

Michael Tyson says:

You girls suck. I can do better that’s my word.

phoneix siennia says:

This is exactly why white girls shouldn’t twerk

abel garcia says:

Ohh kill em cx

L'sean Armatrading says:

They always have the dirtiest rooms

John McLean says:

Why the fuck would u pull down ur panties if it’s a video of u shaking ur

KiAmber Barrows says:

what yall doing??

rayue thean says:

See you’re shaking your body and head so u might wanna stop or u might get
a headache

eddie z says:

That was tight

Gabrielle Ward says:

I feel bad for you guys I really do my friend sent me the link as a joke
but now your just a couple of whore no ass and horny old men after you I
hope you have fun with the rest of your lives <3 

Detrick Harris says:

This isn’t twerking. You want to see twerking look up china hall or
lastarya. They’ll show you how its done.

wereperfecttogether1 says:

U should be ashamed of ur selfs go do that some where else :(

Dujuan Thomas says:

She wants the D

Tae Dwayne says:

Go check my twerk vids out 

Igneale Iblis says:

But this old ass song made more money than you

Anonymous .Stack says:

omg… ahahhahha very nice babes

Garrett Sharrone says:

The one on the left. Oh my

niko cerini says:

fap (?

Andrin Yannis says:

Is that possible

Socrates Grecia says:

tip: buy larger shorts so you don’t keep pulling on them every two seconds.

Lee Min Wang says:

imagine when they FCUK =)) riding horse…awesome =)

Aleria Daniels says:

Y’all need to stop y’all do not have any but lol

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