Watch Me Twerk That Ass

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Before you go saying anything this was an old upload and I wanted to put out to my subscribers that enjoy me videos I’m still offering my exclusive video(in …


Roxie V. says:

I’m Done Making Videos Until I Get My PC Fixed If You Guys Would Like To
Donate To Help Me Get A New Pc Sooner Please Inbox Me All Donates Are
accepted Thank You 

hobo bob says:

you should make a porno lol

Jacob Kekahuna says:

damn soo much booty

reshawn Holmes says:

Hi sexy I can’t see the video

erthistory says:

add me to your contacts please so I can ask about your exclusive video

pumpkinheadjr says:

Wow wow weee wow.

Patrick Mcgovern says:

dam that is so nice

seaportable says:

I need a exclusive

Eric Stephenson says:

best ass inda world

Paul Leeland says:

old or new vid you look great either way girl,sexy and stunning

justin bahati says:

Donate her money for more vids if u really want more plz

Countrydude3406 says:


jolmeaki says:

Check out (ghsdiva02) guys. She don’t have the booty Roxie got but damn the
girl dances way better. I LOVE me some white girls. Not putting down Roxie
cause she could still move and looks so good.

rip lilbro says:

Leo yo more more more more :))))) all yall some kidds that need a girl

Jc Mitchell says:

R u from da south?cause she tick like a south girl

rage more says:

Had me jerkin off my dick hard thru tha hole video

EpicFragKills says:

take my money

Andrew Smith says:

thirsty ass nigga

green420twice says:

old vid or not, moves are moves , and you got them girl :)

nsmithodb says:

When u gn call me 918.378.1599

Michael Rampersaud says:

nice vid hun. ;-)

kevin smith says:

hi miss roxie i hope this is the right place can you tell me how i can buy
your videos on dvd or in any fashion i can i totally love all your work.
whooties are my fav and you by far are one of the best.

Dce j boogie says:

what’s your email.gotta few new twerkin songs from atlanta.ima dj.

joseph coney says:

perv ass niggas aye lil mama hit me up

Jc Mitchell says:

I mean thick!ass and thighs nice

Rami Dahl says:

This is tight n hella nice.. U got it.. Confidence gettin my respect lol xD

Chrisgetsit4ever says:

Do one in some boyshorts

Yummie Sandifier says:

I will donate to a new camera fund…digital so we can see… yeah ima fan
for sure!

ukkilla05 says:

You look incredbile in these shorts!!! Would love to see u dance with a
better video quality

96SUAVE says:

It won’t play:-(

Marcus Robinson says:

can I get the exclusive video?

Kevin Moss says:

Hey miss Roxie if u need anything Hollar at me wit ur sexy ass

Aaron Edwards says:

When the new uploads comin?

brixs thakidchanell says:

check out htis girl with a fat ass type in…..brixs1231

Jc Mitchell says:

I would lov to c the exclusive vids u really do yo thang lovn every vids

HoseaCider says:

oh my

Calon Peters says:

add me, dm me about that video??

azlynn czemerda says:

very interested

jakob smith says:

where u live baby? i wan a dance ill pay top dollar

Shakka Zulu says:

Cant watch on my cell? Make it available on mobile


Is now a good time to take you home and enjoy that?

jakob smith says:

send me a vid!

Ray Hopper says:

hit me up about ya exclusive videos ma I cant inbox u for some reason

jim gray says:

don’t worry about it, i loved this vid

actionmonster12 says:

1st white girl that moves like tthis BEST

adonas20 says:

Booty Meat!!!!!!

seaportable says:

im so interested in an exclusive

The C Factor says:

i sent you a pm

Leo Brown says:

more more more more more more :))))

yu-gi-oh fan says:

man i would pay dis girl 100 dolla’s just to fuck me

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