Vine Twerk Compilation

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Twerking, shit talking, fails, I cant stop twerking! Miley has nothing on this lol! Kids talking shit! White girls twerking! Chicks be like! Black people be …


Nenzo thefirst says:

Where is #11

ms carly aitken says:


SweetAnSowaCandi says:

2:10 got his ass whooped when the camera went off.

MartinSeptimII says:

Why do these vine comps always say theyre about something, but then they
only have 1 or 2 vines about it
Like twerking?
Bitch, I clicked on twerking, so I wanna see some goddamn twerking

guccimane says:

Girls name on number 4

badgirlsclub says:


kareem bennett says:

Number one twerk ups

Hristo Jelev says:

what’s the song in 1:10

CupCake War!!!! says:

I feel for the last girl doe…

Shamar Mohammed says:

White girls can not twerk

nightassassin 21 says:

2:28 Exactly what i do lol.

Solo Dolo says:

straight jookin at 1;50

misslola essa says:

white people out plz

Kontrast111 says:

Nr. 23, it’s *you’re*, is it that fucking hard?

jjohnson3012011 says:


pabloernesto sojo conchas says:

name of the song in the second 36

BRAYAN r says:

3:33music name

Kaya S says:

0:15 music name pls

aj vaughn says:

what is the song to number 3

Kaevon Stewart says:

1:10 whats the name of the song

Bhadd101Chickk says:

I eat a nigga ass like an almond joy xD Lmfaooo

Arash Bagherabadi says:

does anyone know anything about #4??

Turtle101512 says:


XbboyRazziX says:

These aren’t just twerk videos,,,?

splashbrother says:

Whats the song at

tish marcuz says:

uh wthats the song for 1:12

IndiaLC1121 says:

#32 dude was sexy

KayJonea says:

Jay-Z Beach Is Better that’s the jam. Hey check out Jay-Z Crown if you like
that one.

KayJonea says:

Juvenile- Back That Ass Up

lexischristian says:

Rofl 10 epic fail

Keecie Henry says:

Wats tht song with tht grl wit the baby

Cook4251 says:

Migoe feat Que: Young Niggas

KayJonea says:

Juvenile- Back that ass up

Tee Bee says:

lol 23 n 24

Ms_Alee_Baby says:

1:10 juvenile back dat ass up

kikiZGS says:

1:12 song name?

Charles Dailey says:

1:47 song young dolph get this money

Aslanworld says:

whos viner number 11

adamb750 says:

you should rename this video to vine black people compilation.

KayJonea says:

Juvie Back That Ass Up

ailan bin hammad says:

1:10 number 11 song plz??

KayJonea says:

Lol yeah ok

James Yang says:

3:21 Number 31 song please?

Aaliyah Hunt says:


splashbrother says:


Bruh Bruh says:

if you need to ask, you’re too young to know

Jordan Oliver says:

3:08 #29. Is from Eric Dunn, he’s funny

Crayyyyyyzzzzzz says:

@LA KING i know this is a month old but fuck you im black and that is
highly offensive so stfu

Kesha Edwin says:


Martina Soliman says:

first vine is me in p.e.

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