Twerking To – Iggy Azalea – Work

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aissata ali samba says:

damn i am taking what i said bour white girls cant twerk

sian neilson says:

i thought you needed an arse to twerk? lol

Russki46 says:

You are cheating, keeping you feet against the wall! :p j/k. Azelea style,
with a cute face & hot!

fergimonkey says:

stahp you cant twerk

Aylin Hökelekli says:


mrtlc5 says:

good moves so when are you going to make another other one in those short

SophieCanTwerk says:

your using hash tag on youtube, stop

juan segundo says:

omg <3.<3 that ass (;

abdoss123 says:

you are the best at shaking ass ;)

AlphaPeak says:

#Fucking #Sexy!!!

Jamily Remak says:

wel your white for a white girl you can twerk

Jono Abbott says:

you look constipated

JassyLuvs You says:

getttt it girl ^-^

freshprinceofchicago says:

you’re so cute, great smile :p

Monique Hernandez says:

Gorgeous body and outfit, however I think her dancing needs some work. Like
she got the positioning right, but she stiff. You’re not really supposed to
tick your pelvis, your ass is supposed to do the work

Brianda Wallace says:

lmao :)

oda82 says:

lol oh snap! …oh and DON’T stop.

natara jeffery says:

she kill that ass

kaylynn jackson says:

Lol the struggle is #TOREAL

zackhanscom says:

now wear that outside, get raped, and complete the transformation.

MyLolz45 says:

amazing ass haha will u make more?

choosemyfatetest says:

Like? Love!

Victoria T says:

whooaaho! she good.

John Doe says:

i like

amsterdamforeverful says:

I love the ass cheeks

natara jeffery says:


The .Man says:

best ass ever

battleroyale09 says:

keep twerking. love your videos!

Sarah Johnson says:

u look like ur strugglng.#stop

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