Twerking In Public! [VIDEO REVIEW]

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Twerking in San Francisco Prank VIDEO –


Tisha Charles says:

A black guy with standars…….I like you 3 im tired of guys approving
that behavior. I think if thats what you want to do. Do it in private for
your man or get a pole and become a stripper -__- doesnt make sense to
practice something and not get paid for it

kameran johnson says:


Ikaylea Naldoza says:

True that. In public, thats ridiculous. Have some descretion. IF you doin
it for your man or at a party, i mean its alright but in public to get
attention is too much

Alice Rainer says:


Yolanda Ewers says:


Devon Harris says:

I agree

NaiNaitheBaddest29 says:

So “True” But i like to twerk on your sexy ass face though like if u would
to ladies

sherholis says:

That waz a guud speech

Anthony Mcnew says:

You telling the truth dude real talk..

deewee1532 says:

Twerking aint a real talent to me… twerking is associated to
ratchetness… if a female ass is all she has to bring to the table she
aint worth nothing… im not impressed with twekers at all… the fact they
did that im public makes the black race in general look bad.. Malcolm X and
Martin Luther didn’t lay down for the cause for this… this generation is
terrible… smh

Damnnon NoisesTV says:


brownrekloose says:

Honestly bro, I think we worry too much about other people’s (white)
perception of us.

miamibabii77 says:

tommy sotamayor is going to have a field day with this one! lol

im2cool4udude says:

you gotta kik?

Dave Bman says:

“When different race whatever see that type of attitude from black women
they think all black women is like that” – ignorant as fuck. Would you have
posted this video if these girls were white/hispanic/asian/etc? NO. You
think that vids like this are where society gets negative views on African
Americans? Hip Hop? WSHH? How about 70% of African American youth born out
of wedlock? Isn’t this better than another black girl ghetto street brawl?
I can pull up 100′s of those…

Alice Rainer says:

Just don’t do it in the public eye

Alana H says:

Amen! It’s disgusting and disrespectful!

ThaBeast Kiddo says:


Obox925 says:

I thought that video was highly entertaining and funny! I do believe that
the girls in the video presented themselves in a bad light, but it had no
effect on me. I think its ignorant when people see someone of a race act a
certain way, then assume all people of that race act that way. But
honestly, I wish people could learn to stop caring so much and become more
secure in themselves. Being embarrassed by the actions of another has
always been stupid to me.

Annie Bell says:

True it’s all attention

Pivotdude61 says:

Believe dat. Well said bro.

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