twerking in bikini to gucci gucci

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AnuTime19 says:

Awesome twerking

LugNut Homie says:


YOUNG ZO says:

sexii more

mgdizzel says:

Loved it

Ilovepussy561 says:

I’m dickappointed n u, only 3 vids, u gotta make mo vids. u r so fukin
beautiful n sexy. want mo of valeriewhite504

Sherae Welch says:

@bumbleebeeoya dont be mad cause u aint got an ass :)

beelaisbomb121 says:

This is disgusting, why would you want the whole world to see you doing

dt1500 says:


Tariq Dyer says:

damn, she gotta have some black in her.

Se7vinDeadlySins says:

wow sweetie you look amazing. nice job, great body.

katiemariesixteen says:

@lalalove728 She not white. what is you lookin at??

hardashelldam says:

Can I can I tas

deeperson89 says:

I wud b liein if i say i aint cumm!

mrprofit38st says:

I love you

the ayotl says:

She look like some ghetto ass bitch

flex255 says:

i nutted

SwiftyMcTwisty says:


Dahrun80 says:

That phatty is sittin nice on ur thin frame…. you get an A plus from me

TaylorGangAlex95 says:

Damn… Luv It

Abi_HTX says:

This is wayyyy better than my video. You go girl !

NeonTurtlezx says:

o_o She isn’t white? It’s called REALLY red bone.

Bigshane5050 says:

When a new video coming we all waiting

QuarterBlackZAC says:

Yoooo!!! Twerk to my version of this song and my life will be complete lol

Michael Fiallos says:

Just show your whole ass please

GitFreshSquad says:

Haha , ew . I’m straight . Idek why i watched the whole thing through .

Elisha Walker says:

Ya butt crack was showing da hole time

lalalove728 says:

ur white but ya ass is phattt and u can twerk finally ok i proved white
girls can twerk thank u!!!!

Kiara Luciano says:

look like u r poopin and u look lik a man

imdatdude314 says:

Damn u sexy wit it. Inbox me yo facebook so I can get at u

allnaturalstrawberry says:

im sure your parents are proud :)

darron claxton says:

nice video love dis 1

TheSweepi says:

Oh , hello mom.

neshia2030 says:

Respond to this video… Lmaooooo I’m Gay As Hell But When I Watched This
Shit I Was Like WTFFFF HELL NAWLL #NO SWAGG !! Get Ya Draws Out Ya Ass Lmaoo

Dii Chidi says:

Bomboclakt !!!!! gyl

Badonkaillustrated says:


Redzombie13 says:


Money G. says:

Bend her over that dresser and spray her back

joshua eames says:

ayye phatt butt

Desirae Renee says:


Elizabeth Brown says:

ur ass is eating ur bathing suite bottomss ahaha

princess69171 says:

damn shes got a nice ass and knows how to shake it

Loft Atl says:

Nice! You should join the Booty Shake Contest. You would
definitely win the loot if it was up to me..

Cheeseburger Patty says:

Get a fucking job.

hitmandb10 says:

Nasty ass nigga

Luvmusikable says:

I’d love to give you more than an A+..

Ggary Waller says:

luv to be in back of that dam do you right

Maurice Dooms says:

I’ll give it to u shorty u can work that asses Damnnn

dchavis37 says:

work it bby

Clifton Williams says:

i love u

robert73logan says:


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