Twerk Team – #TwerkTeamThursday (WorkOut Edition)

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Twerk Team- TwerkTeamThursday (WorkOut Edition) Twerk Team – Twerk Team Thursday (WorkOut Edition) Twerk Team ( Lady L&& Mizz.TwerkSum) Twerking To “WorkOut”…


Kalaa Snobz says:

Ass for days

Levenis Morgan says:

love this shit

Mariam Poe says:

I love this video

Pookie Bear says:

Wow no homie but I want a ass like day

From Angola says:


Trei Huddleston says:

oh hell yeah

Teri Turner says:

Yall are awesome! Best tween and workout!

Rohh Duarte says:

Oh god

joey66able says:

You guys are insane :-)

laritaxespiritua says:

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anymore. I’m sure I was spoiled when I had a cam session with this female
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beautifulhorses779 says:

Я кончил О_о

darrellgilbert42 says:


raluhunter1018 says:

Good lord ..!

Air_Rick3 says:


mrs44magnum says:

I want Twerksum’s pants and Lady’s boots and i’ll be set.

tabria peoples says:

Dan the boys said I should be on there I said hell no

loganman1028 says:

Hey nice moves 3 Yo…..

Kaprice012 says:

Miss twerk sumthing killed it

mizztrina2294 says:

wonder how long it took them to learn how to twerk.

muz467 says:

Get them girls

Asilts says:

twirking is the best invention for men since porn came out!

wjnr2909able says:

Angeleaward. Your just jelous puttn a hatet comment on haha !

Heather Lewis says:

Striped pants though is da best

CutieBeccaDancez says:


tooshortbullys says:

god bless youtube

Arjahnay Bouie says:

I Wish I Can Twerk Like Dat..Shit I Aint Scared Tu Say It

jesusluvesme58 says:

I’m 12 and that’s so easy for me

Sonia Nicklès says:


greg gorecki says:

Wow. That shits FUCKIN CRAY!

maryrosekgaierm says:

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lola richardson says:

like the girl in the black n white pants

Jeffrey Heroncio says:

What is the Stripe pants thinngy called? :)

pooh nana says:


London28147 says:

you mad ?

lecy boo says:

Wowa.and I like bick.

DRKWxd says:

Work out— J. Cole That’ll be $5.

Kirk Bass says:

damn the one in the stripes made me nut lol

adzidowo007 says:


Tyreese Washington says:

dammnnnnnnnnnnnnn:-) !!!!

ikal22346 says:

How much foe a dance

kaimie1 says:

I miss twerk team back in these days…

sasha hill says:

Damn..Ms.Twerksum can def get it. That ass is hypnotizing for real. That
shit got me hella horny right now.

Usrabella808 says:

OMG I wish I could move my body like that!! I’m jelly.

Janitta Gomez says:

I wishh I can dance likee that ! U goo girlss !

iBeLiEvEYhU says:


jcuster16 says:



and now im gonna subscribe

TearDropOfLove says:

squats make ur bum bigger

iRunTrackAndFight says:

Stripe tights wins

Matthew Armstrong says:

@jesusluvesme58 someone with thqt name should not be doin that lol

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