Twerk Team Tryouts Gone Wild pt. 2

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Twerk team competition in Houston goes wrong. That’s Lil Ant in the Back doing his thing!!


Sarina BR says:

Sad how girls wanna get respect.


What you twerking with Reidsville100, no disrespect, IJS

Omarr Bowers says:

Whut ass

reidsville100 says:

stiff ass bitches

Lizzi Z says:

ididntevengowithit says:

White girl way better

thatswhatisaidyeah says:

damn that one black one cock-eyed/sorry-eyed as fuck! Old ass nigga dry

TheModernAlliance says:

Why would someone tell me to watch this

Anna Melendez says:

Only dirty hoes do that..but than again they are hoes

madnegro69 says:

White girl better

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