Twerk Team ( Slow Song)

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Sandy Knowlton IV says:


MegaVirginiaBoy says:

Dey sum ugly bitches.

jamesprince1997 says:

Lmao at all them comment lol

jamesprince1997 says:

These bitches need sit down oml they swear they killin something lmfao

TheLalaland2199 says:

they aint no fucking twerk team

Anthony Davis says:

That good love track go hard!!! how can I get that?

mavrickminor says:

Who sings good love?

Tony Davis says:

More like the ugly team

janiciagrayer says:

Hell nawh

Jarado Allen says:

What’s the second song called!!!

Jarado Allen says:

What’s the name of the song at the end

mandy G says:

Ummm two of the most ugliest no titttied bitches ive ever seen

Maurlena Bowman says:

i could beat both of em

jada ballentine says:

They ain’t kno danm twerkteam

kyira bridges says:

Wat the first song

Tony Nguyen says:

this is hot definitly

keyana coates says:

Where Did You First Hear Thee Song At ?

FreeStyleMusic705 says:

What’s the song name at 3:00?

Sho Swagged says:

The first song is by Duna … The second song is called good love

mavrickminor says:

Wats the artist name that sings good love?

dopediamondstm says:

I didn’t know you can make a parody of the Twerk Team

stonie says:


Marie Diamond says:

omg! omg omg omg 3:00 i been trying to find that song since i was 14 years
old i am now 19 finna be 20 and still til this day i do not know who sing
it and it has been a goal i made to find this song i need too know who sing
it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

self-made james says:

Wats dat last song called?

crystal smith says:

What’s the second song called

yolanda williams says:

So what is that song at 3:04 ???

Janea Polk says:

Danced on my bf to this song ^_^

guinnyss says:

where the ass at?

westcoastrap says:



Redhead bad!! Mstwerksum!

Terrell Grant says:

WoW! just wOw!

carpenterkaylin says:

Got a niggar stick won’t go down wats so now I’m cum

Sho Swagged says:

The song is called good love

mimilopez168 says:

Beginning of the video was long and dumb… but I figured they was gone be
killin it *future vc* an was shitty!!

FerociousCurves says:

They are not The Official Twerk Team!

Christian Zeno says:


Karina Calderon says:

Daaaam (;

keyana coates says:

Song Namee At 3:00 Pleasee ?


y’all are beautiful n god has blessed y’all ummmm um

TheTerezb729 says:

Twerk Team keep a nigga stick hard

FreeStyleMusic705 says:

What’s the song name

Diarria Dukes says:

By who??

Diarria Dukes says:

If anyone else can tell me the name of the first song and the artist , that
would be nice.Thanks

Diarria Dukes says:

Hello , what’s the name of the first sing

michael roberts says:

That girl with the purple on I wanna make a slow dance video with u

jahciahsmithjs says:

god lee

bianca brown says:

u just jealous

Keith Fuller says:

What’s the name of this song

Diarria Dukes says:

Umm who Is featured on Duna┬┤s song

Marie Diamond says:

and i was not suspecting to hear this song when i clicked on this video
gtfo i cant believe this bullshit

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