Twerk Team- #FridayTakeOver “Bands A Make Her Dance”

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DOWNLOAD LINK : Twerk Team (Lady L && Mizz.TwerkSum) Twerking To Yo Gotti “I Got Dat S…


Estrelita Bradley says:

Great twerin

beast506089 says:

Sepend yoyr life wise cause theres ladies like this around they would be
uforick satisfying to u like eating your favorite food.

zte245 says:

Im 14 and i can twark

ineedmoni1 says:

TT geting seeerrrris fareal. Get it gotdamit. sombody gett these girls on

ben lederman says:


academickdw says:

Love them asses

Trey Wood says:

Hell Yeah

Suha Nasser says:

Danm de one wit the red and black twerked nice and de other one has a wigly

jeffrey saunders says:


TheRipboy says:

Years of training and you have to have some black in you atleast :). They
good its art.

PowPow says:

Its the strips…lol

spuky09 says:

They as stink

cheerie bop says:

Yall cold and they already were on bet and like extra videos so more love
to the twerk team and I wish I I could pay yall for classes

Will Smith says:

Twow twee

Mesha Johnson says:

Shake that ass girl.

Kameron Davis says:

0:43 asscrack

sghook3 says:

Came for twerk team ended up listening to the song!! It sounds like somethn
that belongs in the club!! Ehhh work hard for them bands twerk team!! ;)

spoantaneus says:

this aint bandz a make her damce! buh nice twerkin ;) lol

Keamonielee Lee says:

get it

niquedafreak67324 says:

Yo if this is called make that money, someone about to go broke…but that
just my opinion

Anna Aguilar says:

Everybody hating on twerk team lol

TeccaNina5plur says:

I don’t know you see ass crack and everything I know it called twerk team
but I know y’all can do more then shake your ass to a song???

Tavonakidd10 says:


Suha Nasser says:

lm 13 and l can twerk everyone says l look like 20 21 Lol

Melody Simmons says:

They crack all out

trevontanewson55 says:

Crack came out

Joe Johnson says:

Yea, you said damn like you like that ass bouncing baby l.o.l but i wanna
know is are you gone do it for me tho? you feel me…

Andrea Marie says:


keiabluntddaily says:

she work hard fa dem BANDZ

vintaqevoque says:

Damn better than gymnist

nae Last says:

some of thses dances on the game imvu

bulldogg277 says:

Whea are those 2 girls from

antoria kier says:

ikr! its actually disgusting to me, but i twerk so if they want to do it
let them.


The white and black one made me horny a’f lol

Mario Molina says:

How come in every twerking video the have no shoes on ?? Akward….

turtle031 says:

Wats the name of this song

mrfeelgood757 says:

MAN..i been to 3 twerk team shows in da past 2 years and maybe im at da
wrong shows at da wrong time..cause i aint neva seen them pop dis hard and
twerk dis hard with so much energy and force,,as their doing in dis one of their live shows…i mean they doin some head stands in
dis clip tha ‘ll make u say GOT D******N

sexyone520ify says:

I terk better than this and I’m 12

pimpking1224 says:

Sexy as hell ill tap that ass any day just hitt me up. Money anit an object

Satisfysomeone says:

OMG when i see that i want to be lesbian !!! and fucking your pussy :)

muller tercier says:

u gay

Steven Tbh says:

satans cat army coming through

SharonJanae says:

I’ve stumbled upon the weird part of YouTube again……

Wesley Vanitou says:

That’s fucking awesome. Go girl!

HeyThatsCeleste says:

do they ever wear panties?

brittneyalson says:

Twerk Team #Crack Edition

THE TAB ( LEO TJ ) says:

but they improve there moves though

huajianzhou says:

haha that is cool the song is just OMG i love it BTW peeps are using this
to get it on your pod ==>

stephanrichardson83 says:

Dey did dis

ineedmoni1 says:

We love you Twerk Team!

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