Top Twerk Songs of 2013

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Ms. #GetItIndy (India Haynes) is back with her fourth consecutive top twerk songs video in since 2011. This year she brought in Jaron McReynolds, a fan favor…


ImperialPimp says:

Anybody know the name of that song at 1:40 ? The one with the Maxwell
sample ??

SaDerica AyyeYoeSoFabulous Atchison says:

I say That Indy Had The Best Songz LOL!

Kaitlynn Cooper says:

Himmm. King. Llf. R.i.P

Tyriahna Hurst says:

indy all day baby lmfao indy had the best songs

@officialBruzh&Snaap says:

girl got it

tavarish coburn says:

what is the song playing in the backround in the begining

david mugomba says:

they are al amazing songs

Jazmine Taylor says:

ever body now act right in i like her beater then the boy

Janet Smith says:

ok Indy got it im so torn ok they were all good specially the first song
off the phone.

Luis rodriguez says:

hey this is luis from Allentown, Pennsylvania.. hey hi how u derrn. like
both playlists very hard to choose so I vote both if that’s possible ahah.
but for real doe indy make ur song one cheek downloadable if possible

Kelsey Carter says:

neither one because neither had GAS PEDDEL,drop it low, or .
but if i had to pick i would pick the girl.

Tatianna Phillips says:


Carmillia Thomas says:

i cant really say because yall to funny but i can really choose

KIyraa Shanae says:

Indy playlist.

Darragh O'Leary says:


layla akita says:

Obviously the queen Indy won!

Des Sotelo says:

his playlist: this d!!! her playlist: panoramic red nose paraniod 

michelle clayton says:


adriana cooper says:

indy wun !!!!!!!

Sade English says:

indy playlist got tht 

SarahB Brown says:

That Girl is killing it …. forreal thoe <3

Catherine Schonnop says:

I choose none of yall because you didn’t play “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun”

nyilah smith says:

both of yall won that was good

Aria McMayo says:

pshh no gas pedal??

Nia Massey says:

Queen Indy … Indy had them songs but he did too but Indy all the way

niggasinparis says:

indi won

poppaexo says:

that was the most fun post I’ve ever seen

Sharnisha Brazzell says:

Indy won Red Nose got him 

iAmAkSoma says:

What’s that intro song?

adrianna flores says:

the girl

theHabbothing says:

Someone tweet this to Miley Cyrus.

Talayzia Anderson says:

Get it gurl

javohn scott says:

its hard 2 dside

cortez myers says:


Arjayna Holmes says:

girl you got me on panoramic you won

Michelle Ratigan says:

the girl wins sorry but she has the red nose she knows what shes talkin
about and doing

Brianna Pierce says:

both of them win

Trisha Virdee says:


freeman chappell says:


Zaria Jones says:

girl u know u won

Cece Murkins says:

She Won

marion ingram says:


Sharikaa Wilson says:


LatoyafanForever says:

get it my song one cheek

Emma Lyman says:

red noise

Asia May says:


lola jackson says:

they love indy totes win

Chaniya Govan says:

India Haynes 

ogechi ifekwe says:

the girl won

nia hundley says:

@jaronnieboe won sorry indy. he played this d and rip…. and i was like
yussss. sowwy

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