The Definition of Twerk 2 UPSIDE DOWN

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paulina bauer says:

pft i wish i could move my body like that! i swear my hips have a mind of
their own hahah

dan12345 says:

First of alll your not “thick” your morbidly obese. You look like an
absolute fucking idiot shaking your arse and classing it as dancing. You
look like a dissabled child confused trying to get out of a handstand
position please dont call me a hater I dont conform to your made up dialect
of pathetic slang. Your a fat fucking retard and your arse is fucking

kryptonite9804 says:

@ Lex “if nasty means delicious”

Robert Coleman says:

Check out this video on YouTube: OMG! WERK!

cihuatltoltecatl says:


JJoh4040 says:

most white girls wish they could do this were as black women can do this in
the shower if the wanted to

JJoh4040 says:

white people hatin on black women again…….happens alot

Mrjballer151 says:

big booty

Natalya Herron says:

Talk about Booty-licious

Douglie Conway says:

She got a dick

Mojobo83 says:

I’m impressed

Matthew Libby says:

how is your ass even that big…

Ayanna Ervin says:

boom boom ! stereo boxes !

datboycrazy17 says:


Stephani Lynn says:

what I just saw can not be unseen…she could hide stuff in that body

kathy guzman says:

eww dats a fake butt

GUARDIANtrooper says:

I agree, that’s not going to work out. They should have done half the time
on the wall and the other half off it, what a waste of a nice piece of ass
in a video, LMAO!

Joe Swantson says:

You’re also Gay

donhauserjazzyd says:

Her asssssss ;) ohmygawddddd

PMuchP says:

a regular black girl

babyreed51 says:

Um jealous :-( lol :-D

JJoh4040 says:

a black woman(the mother of humanity) that Jesus created first

karinadelgado13 says:

You really know how to move Your Ass ^.^ Keep it up. jaja Most girls wish
they could do that!!!

c00ki3bit3r says:

we’re grilling tonight

quincy murphy says:

Her azz phat

Helen Berry says:


Derrick Damions says:

That is some Shaky Puddin’ baby.

Elizabeth Mitchell says:

I’m white and I can do this shit

FeedmeJUice says:

Lol a big gap? It’s called a. Ass crack loser

Joe Swantson says:

You’re Gay too

UpBeatFilms says:

Grammar would make that sentence way more understandable.

YoungHawk OfPeace says:

all the black viewers just died

Jayden Pike says:

tramp stamp

SnowfistContents says:


Bri Vaughn says:

what the hell. i hate to say it but I’m jealous :)

toshareisdorff says:

it’s sorta like watching a white blackwidow….

Ben Driggs says:

pulsating brain

jane jackson says:

good butt

Jared Vogel says:

tha 1 and only ms sultry simone. dat ass need it’s own zip code! Lawd Have
mercy on me!!!

r3733t5 says:

Can u do a remix with out the tights? preciate’ya

solverlok583 says:

Gravity at its finest

Sindy Casimir says:

wtf o.o

daiquiri swope says:

She bad

JJoh4040 says:

SHES BLACK thats how her butts that big!! WHITE PEOPLE I LOVE YA IN ALL BUT
or makin people insecure about their bodies.) but stop asking crazy

Lil Ganza says:

God Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Josh Johnson says:

shouldve planed t-shirt with no panties on lol follow @J_Flight need
intresting pple to follow #teamfollowback

John Doe says:

Dats a perfect phat ass nd all da gurls dats hatin well u should already
know from how there talkin dey have no ASS!!!

justincaldwell1999 says:

Nice butt

danielle wilson says:

your butt looks like a thanksgiving turkey before you cook it

jannett297 says:

It looks like a huge breasted woman with her head chopped off. Hahahaa

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