The Best White Girl Twerk Video

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This classic video is one of the best clips of a white girl twerking that the internet holds. We owe it all to MiiSzRHiiAN. The original video was uploaded i…


Jasmine Shirley says:

White gurls got back!!!!

Jasmine Shirley says:

White gurls got back!!!!

Jahniya Fulton says:

This prove u can twerk iven if u dont have rhat much junk in the trunk

Michael Drury says:

Omg come twerk on me

John Smith says:

…god …damn

Tearra Washington says:

Why the fuck yall Mexicans and white girls wanna take black people shit
like woowwww get yo shit wow#*____*

Jamian Savage says:

she shaking that ass!!!:)

Sargent Sayer says:

Ur shit 

Jerald Mcdonald says:

Damn wasn’t expecting it to be that good. :)

Da Blocc says:

She did that shit. 

Real NiqqA says:

Ahaha that was good

Judy Monae' says:

So She Live ?

james preston says:


Codi Bradley says:

I love it god damn shake it

Aaron Whitesell says:

Fuckin A… White girl showin em how its done

moeyy dw says:

Miley Cyrus with a bit of a bigger ass

scytherscoundrel7 says:

250,000 views, but no comments? Looks good btw :)

Devin McCampbell says:

Right moves wrong size ass 

Real NiqqA says:

Wasn’t expecting that shit

yemenilion says:

wooow girl keep it up and fk haters 

username8120 says:

I’m sorry but you have a micro ass.

Firi Prince says:


Lizzie Chad says:

dayummm girl you did good

martin kimberley says:

Girl why would Anyone not like dat ass

Cameron Smallwood says:


Nino Brown says:

Say if I had u on my team, we both would be rich…Rt fuc wit me

Katelyn George says:

Ok first i have a friend and she is black and i can twerk better then her
and i am white and she does not have a ass what so ever so i does not mean
every black girl can twerk just saying 

Ryan Hebert says:

Sexy baby nice ass

kayla feaster says:

this girl is my idol, does anyone know her instagram ? i love her !

Lindsey Henry says:

It’s not cool. 

Aniya Cornish says:

She killed it for her have no ass

charles tidwell says:

Black girls put they’re heart soul and most of All Their Ass into it. White
girls just shake it and that’s about it..

Jake Olsen says:

wow you are gorgeous nice ass to wish i knew you 

Gator Mayes says:


Matthew Martinez says:

Wack as he’

Matthew Martinez says:


Matthew Martinez says:


Exauce909 says:

I love you

THExperienceKINGz says:

no offense but white girls out there stop twerking u cant do it like a
black girl so just stop ur embarrasing ur self i and many others have yet
to see a white girl properly twerk every one who say’s the have is just
bieng nice to nice…

richard sukhram says:


torben bischi says:

and sudenly her fahter come in …

mike oliver says:

damn love to feel tht juicy ass on me baby

Marcus Velez says:

Just a thong next time

Jason Russell says:

Very nice.. should just be wearing a thing though

bill76273 says:

I damn near shat my self.

Brian Ángeles says:


ChaunceyR585 says:

Nice sweetheart!!

BeccaDancerCutie says:


Travis Lynch says:

yeah you look real good let me take you to the club and show u off EAST

tori banks says:


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