Team twerk – Male twerking edition

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Add my instagram @TINYBRUCELEE. This is just an uploaded video of these two unknown male twerking…Male team twerking, females do it and males do too, i gue…


Anthony Collington says:

look at her boots

CJAEB21 says:

That nigga in the gray can get it

armynavy961 says:

name of the song is teco-tae bae bae….

christopher yett says:

My balls and thing hurt when i tried that!!

ToyosatomimiNoMikou says:

What’s the name of the song? It’s so catchy!

jimmy allen says:


cocomcloven96 says:

I’m sorry Miss Vanessa Brown but if this is going to be the main reason
that you don’t bring children into the world then maybe you shouldn’t be
having any to begin with. Have a blessed day :^)

Traviis Singletary says:

Boxers can get it

Jerold White says:

Damn, dude twerking in the boxers tho :D

destinee woodley says:

OMG //fangirls//

Maria Canty says:

work ot honey

brianna nichols says:


XxMizzSwaggaxX says:

they need to go bk to beiing str8 they will put in work :)

Abdullah hagos says:


Chelsee Gilbert says:

I love this song teco

lunaticladybc says:

Can you spot the males in this video!!!! Coz i can’t see any!

roberta harris says:

Oh my Jesus <33

hotboy11525 says:

Ment brown

oDivineBeast says:

The one in the back has a very nice ass ;D

TghtyWhitieGuy says:

Damn! The Bro in the boxers is SEXC!!!

raybowie55 says:


toricuteface101 says:

crack all out

breyani16 says:


Kelsey AndJaylen says:

Are they gay? Jw not against it if they at

brianna nichols says:

Damn they gettin in and that boy in the grey killed it

jordanrdwards241 says:


tierra12341 says:


jarvis brown says:

Why the fuck are ppl who hate gay ppl watchin this smh

Damion Louis says:

Twerk tat ass

tanika mcdonald says:

Yassssss I luv da way boys twerk they twerk better than girls

MySugar T says:

The guy in grey MERKED IT!!! Why are people hating on us gays?! 1st why did
ya click on the fucking video? 2nd If you’re hating y’all are probly gay
yourself’s and too scared o come out. IYDIOTSSS!!! TWERK DEM ASSES BOYZ ;P

sarah freeman says:

Why aint got barely any clothes on lmfao but they Getty it

saul reyes says:

Delicious booty!!!!

shaquana palmer says:

Yessss ;)

Precious4everyoung77 says:

Damn dey do it better than some girls lol

Jojo beez says:

ya give us a bad name

Jerisha Boo says:


Joseluis Oropeza says:

Get it gurl

Beverly Williams says:

Well dam!!!!!!!

Mz Chevygirl says:


anthony smith says:


Naiya Jean says:

somethings hanging!

Elizabeth Ramos says:

Guy in da bck killed it lol

jillianlee41 says:

They pop

Beverly Williams says:

That was it dam!!!! Hell I can’t do that!!!!! Dam

ToyosatomimiNoMikou says:

name of the song? I wanna twerk to it

jmm3210sport says:

- lmao @ the door knock at the end #caught .

hotBGGIRLZ says:

The one in the gray got me going crazy

mark twain says:

Dude wit da white hate can get it his friend too.

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