So You Think You Can TWERK?!

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Denae Kilgore says:

0:11 I died when she did that

bella12345671000 says:


Kanizia George says:

I hope she really don’t dance like that lol

Hakeem Harris says:

Dsmn the braun


0:47 cracks me up

Jade Lewis says:


Jaii Simmons says:

she said “your hairline is running away from your forhead

Jordan Fields says:

L o l we gonna pray for that forehead

Earnest Anderson says:

what was the song playing at the beginning 

Camille Panton says:

Tooooo funny !!!! Let’s be honest lol

Macarrius Edwards says:

Wats her YouTube channel

GEORGE George says:

You Can’t twerk so stop

KING LEO says:

She can get it

Kendiya Wilson says:


Tiara Brooks says:


Brando Bars says:


Antoinette Carter says:


Tavia Williams says:

lmao hurt!! we gon pray for tht forehead hahah

King_Y@YO says:

you need that FABREEZE babe…lmfao 

Aarona Rogers says:

you need to stop

Qwantum007 says:

1) She thick as hell who is she? 2) That shit was funny

kwanese mccorvey says:

lol she said that hair line

WELambert01 says:

We gonna pray for that forehead…Lol

chillin4vl6 says:

I thought you had scoliosis! lmfao

Wayn'Tiq Wilson says:

To funny

Gabkicks says:

lol @ lebron

alisha perez says:

Twerking is a gift and sadly she dose not have that gift but the video is

misschocolatecup says:

” your tongue is way past that” lol

Lily DaVall says:

Wow you need some lessons hinder

tadashi parks says:

Fa real tho u be having some bomb ass girls in our videos fa real tho!

Deskon Onyx says:

He got serious about his hair line.

jayla murphy says:

He be talkin about them ankles every vid.

Kenya Page says:

Lmfao . you’re soo funny . 

Yolanda Joseph says:

no just and thats not how you twerk 

Justin Ashley says:

she killed you at the end bro lmao.

tony reynolds says:

She got jokes 

sandy patio says:

y was she doing ooh killem off of gas pedal da faq???????

Bree Anderson says:

Lol he can afford fabreeze though?!? Smh 

Malena Walker says:

This one is real is funny

Crystal Fausnaught says:


Kai Blackwood says:

thumbs up for twerking

KrazyKKtv says:

we gonna pray for that hair line lol

Jessica Gbizie says:

the frist one cant twerk and this is coming from an 10 year old

Shannah Alexander says:

LMFAOO. She looked like she was in pain!!

Dionta Rogers says:

Am I the only one that blinked when he sprayed the febreeze?

Reneeroberts13 says:


Destiny Johnson says:

lmatfoo you got a little of that bron bron 

Whitney Nike lover says:


prettybangzs says:


Apple Candy says:

0:50-0:54 lmao

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