Simon Rex’s Twerk School (Brittany Furlan) Ft. Torrei Hart and Simone Shepherd

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At Simon’s Rex Twerk School it’s all about the booty bounce, it is ALL about that booty bounce… Vine By: Brittany Furlan Tags: Twerking School Of Twerking …


Buck Waller says:


gabrial wilson says:

Pokedot girl is sexy all day

TRiddIe707 says:

out with the flat, in with the juice

black68vette says:

You don’t understand that it’s a joke.

TheShotdown24 says:

Needs to be longer

SlipSlapRageGamer says:

damn that female with the pokadot swimsuit i wreck that

za memmios says:

I agree

Nickole White says:


Play Love Live :) says:


GoHard4Home says:

The white chick could’ve stayed out the video. No ass.

ofwgkta_43 says:


stupidflamertb says:

The one on the left could’ve stayed out the video

jess bsila says:


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