REALLY skinny white girl twerking

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What is twerking? Twerking is a “dance move that involves a person shaking their hips and bottom in a bouncy up and down motion, causing it to shake, ‘wobble…


harrystylesgirl_〈3 says:

Stop being a fag and calling her flat ass she clearly has anorexia just
leave her be and please don’t be hard on yourself you beautiful and
anorexia is not something you want to have

Kaylyn O says:

Nooooo I wasn’t ready

Mlandvo Dlamini says:

and now I’m sure I’ve seen it all…Girl needs to eat!

PyromancerSan says:

totally life changing

Daiondra Graham says:

When I saw her I was like I’m not surprised if she brakes a hip. Also is
she just playing a joke, dis girl has no butt! Someone bring her 80 Big
Macs and 12900 chicken nuggets with the most fattening drink ever! Also
does she really have a twerk team… My god if I saw her twerk team I would
be laughin so hard I would lose my breath!

Tatiyona Smith says:

If you guys didn’t know there are actual words in the description… She is
anorexic… y’all need to chill out 

Cameron Williams says:

I can’t tell if she was being serious. 

Jordan Stephenson says:

What dufaq did I just watch

Beta Steez says:

She need that fix a flat in her life haha xD

Kaila Penalosa says:

dude i feel bad, she def has anorexia

Kayla Ba says:

Omg ur a stick !! Girl please eat be comfortable in ur skin babe ur pretty 

jeff fowler says:

Does it really say world star hiphop when she dresses all goth or punk and

Kelechi Okoro says:

Biggest joke I’ve seen in my life.

James Albury says:

I’m done

Sollange lewis says:

shes making white people look bad

Vanessa R says:

You’re Hair is Beautifull but that’s nit twerking

rumeena tecla says:

do not twerk never again NEVER

Evelyn Gomez says:

She Doesn’t Know Have To Twerk

Leonna Bryan says:

ok you need to take some lessons .eat all u can u got no but do

Kneemy1 says:

Dayum get this girl a big mac and fries

ArchieMichael Fuller says:

Damn u need sum peanut butter

Brittany Williams says:

Why the hell you tweaking when you sooooo skiny 

Charles Carter says:

She have no type of booty

Ellie Howell says:

Im scared shes gonna snap doing that !

Kayleigh Hay says:

im scared

Sasuke Uchiha says:


Quendeja Nichole Bowie Bowie says:

Werido no iffenst but u are so skinny u can fit threw a horse and a tractor

Brooke Rivers says:

Come to mama Francis house
Get u some damn food girl 

Anna-Kay Held says:

Hold up i cant shake my booty cause i dont got none but i can wine , i was
in jamaican school dance group and i had to learn how to dance but not
every white girl can dance i can a little but she cant at all sorry 

gabriela sosa mejia says:

Ok so shes skinny so wat im not skinny but u people gotta stop at least she
got more balls than all of you to post the video and I dont think she
wanted to be that skinny some people have disorders maybe she one of them
if she like the vid and posted it u people need to be more greatfull and
appreciate that shes at least trying to teach some people to twerk some
girls have meat in there bones but no ass stop judging people for how they
look and be like her have some balls&do things u never done

azana lewis says:

That girl look like a fucking twig

Sara Brock says:

I think it was meant to be funny. I don’t think she was serious. I do hope
she can get a handle on her eating. Bless her heart. She’s pretty and I bet
with some meat on her bones she would be gorgeous.

Jhane Peters says:

Don’t listen to this

beautybarbie08 says:

Omg i feel really bad for her i think she is bulimic or anorexic like me
but im not that skinny

Ardyn McKean says:

You’re beautiful!! Honestly, and you crack me up, bless your heart. I hope
everything works out for you

Anne D says:

Oh my god. Funny shit. Some people need to get the hint that this vid was
meant as a joke. 

kim kim says:

No ass

Nicole Chan says:

I watched a skeleton try to dance 

Chad Hines says:

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what?!

Miu K.T S. says:

what is this ..

Daniel Aptekar says:

You are way too skinny.. please go eat something.

Vanessa Martin says:

try getting an ass first

merlina goobie says:

eat some food goddd

Hayley Higgins says:

Damn.. Eat something.

Ben Johnson says:

Thanks for the quick laugh 

Adrieana Griffin says:

This girl is kinda embarrassing me :(

Mariah Poff says:

did she just say, “getting pregnant?” ._.

Jeremiah Francois says:

I’m done I wasn’t READY

Niki Love says:

Ya that’s not how u twerk!!!

Jonny york says:

she looks like a holocaust survivor.

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