Mexican Girl With A Bubble Butt Twerking !

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Ismael Gutierrez says:

Well dayumm she’s freaking hot

Kitkat Escobedo says:

She ain’t white read the damn tittle

Cam gile says:

God damn 

Justin Roger s says:


Justin Roger s says:



Woo! Mucho gusto ;J

Brandon Pratcher says:

Ay shawty killing it major props

Erica KLing says:

Boy that ass is fat

Kiarra Thomas says:

Otis just nasty lol

mrsdiamondrite says:

Her name is jasminevillegas Search for her on Instagram or Facebook or
youtube :)

MrLilbambam100 says:

O shit I’m subbin frist white girl ever to really tweak

Charlie Hernandez says:

Oh shit

Cassandra Smith says:

all you thots hurtt yes day can twerk

StreetFighterExProd says:

im turnin 15 so… im good all yall some pedos

Deseree Ayers says:

What song is that

Alexis Walker says:

Bitch make me sad, i cant do dat shyt

Ruby Arellano says:

Whats this song called?

Erika Corral says:

yall are all worried about what the song is called?! Whats HER name is the
real question!!!


Omg Homegirl was sick with it

christianandrade28 says:

She can suck skin off my dick

Zakari Toney says:

get dat shyt

Carlos Lopez says:

Good ass

otis leonard says:

I wanna lick her butt crack sideways!!

yelena O'Brien says:

What’s this song called?

Jack Young says:



Yo she get down

Richard Troncoso says:

My baby though ufff she can twerk4

David Obrien says:


Quay Nasty says:

the song is called ‘ my shit was bouncin by china butt

Joy Knight says:

Woah there I need to learn. Lol

xx00narutouzumakixx says:


thatloud300kd says:

She is in 8th grade she younger then all of you bet.

abigail yaoiloquita says:

If trie doing that i think ill break my fucking hip damm

Czar Sal says:

Dam I feel so wrong yet so right

donneshamalone says:

Damn girl i wish i can move like tht

anikaramos16 says:

Miley cannot compete with that

agalaviz2011 says:

Your gudd :) this yu sis felicity friend :)

Tobias Johnsrud Gypsyboy says:

Can someone remind me why there is a border?

pselfsr77573 says:


Isaiah Martin says:

She goes to my school cx

Brian Roscoe says:

She’s probably legal. Street fighter if fos. Plus he’s a guy so fuck off
gamer kid.

emmadeleon13 says:

What’s the song called !?

SavageElo says:

Daaamn:-o Good though

MsJena1969 says:

Bouncin by lil c4

maurice555527 says:

call me 6783407595

Tyiesha Harris says:

The song is called “Bouncin’” by Tokyo Jap’ Junkie ; it’s a jersey club
song, lol.

Dillan Swing says:

Do you want to go ou

Kaylah says:

What is this song called

Joanna Jimenez says:

Whats the song name, pleasee

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