little whooty epic twerking

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obsessed with twerking videos so I made my own…or at least I tried.


MoreBootyPlease says:


313imfrom says:

That was nice babe! You should teach Miley!

danfer406 says:

mmmmmmmm delicious ass

amsterdamforeverful says:

You know how to do it!!

prince zorro says:

check messages I can help you get sponsor by youtube oh ok? where you from?

gnger tts says:

Thanks guys it was just a trial video ill make sure to do a better job next
time but I do appreciate the feedback :)

aprgiii15 says:

Wow! Text me

quinn hribernik says:

Can we text

mrc13369 says:

do a giveaway

zdawg256 says:

do another one chica

Jim Stark says:

cute booty, but do the whole song next time

tkconair2000 says:

Damn love that white tan line booty.

gnger tts says:

what is a giveaway?

mrc13369 says:

a give away is where you pick something of yours to give to one of your
subs as a thanks

brandon groome says:

wow love to see a twerk vid to bubble butt by 2chainz

sirdave0824 says:

Very nice :-)

Warren Miles says:

Simply amazing!!! Make more u have a perfect ass!!!

AustinTwerkTeam says:

damn that ass is perfect

gnger tts says:

What do you want?

versus1234 says:

verry nice! lower the cam next time..

amsterdamforeverful says:

who is the idiot who disliked? XD

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