Jamaican Twerk dance , us twerking .

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We just foolin around dancing lol.


Soraya Em says:

now yall know better.
jamaican girls don’t twerk, we bubble.

Allana Brittain says:

Please plead please somebody tell me the name to that song!!!!!!

Toni Reddbonee says:

the one in the right is stiff

Alejandro Sosa says:

Ass so fat I need a lap dance

Klaudia Machowicz says:

what does this song called?

SickleyMisty says:

What’s that song called

suckafree386 says:

Damn plaid shorts!

Hytee Olushesi says:


pedicures says:


KinggSosa says:

The one on the left thoo ^_^

missdada85 says:

Yall fine

joshua roberts says:

Inbox me

jukieria floson says:

Stop it

Leccuh Ngata says:

What’s this song

jarvis330569 says:

I would nutt in both of them back to back

Jason Lawson says:

Sexy on da left

Kyril Martinez says:

make more

SuperstarLB24 says:

I think the best twerker on the Internet as of now is Caramel Kitten

shaniya gray says:

y’all got kids in there

naijaplayer says:

Bruck it up

Bobby Robinson says:

No good

Chan A D Graham says:


Crystal Bryan says:

song it bruk it down by vegas

naijaplayer says:

Bruck it up

Montel Thomas says:

Wats yall name

MrBKP007 says:

Stay solo

ziggyYardie says:


ShadowRex2000 says:

very nice

mizskim says:

Are they serious!!!???

sashabussa says:

fail attempt!

60shippielyfe says:

The best twerker on youtube is a gay dude……StylishTalent

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