Iggy Azalea – Work (Explicit)

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‘Work’ Out Now Available on iTunes: http://po.st/Work http://www.facebook.com/iggyazalea http://www.twitter.com/iggyazalea Instagram @thenewclassic Download …


kevante1 says:


Esmee DC says:

This chick has some awesome hip Jesus Christ!

jimmyy13 says:

white bijatch cant rap

xjay1234 says:

I saw her in East London once at the Nest 

Sengphet Sengphachanh says:


iliveonjupiter says:

Why does she reiterate the fact that she was poor and that it was tough to
get where she is now?

If I dwell on a bad memory it makes me sad, making me not want to repeat
about it.

kat s says:

i would KILL for her body. 

Ben McM says:

Has the ass, missing the tits.

Ignacio Alaniz says:

Love this ..

William Howe says:

Why is this prostitute famous?

italianwog28 says:

relax you’re from australia, i dont know why you put on this fake american
bullshit accent

Juliano Fadda says:

Your mom is a prostitute

CyrusCaleb says:

Love this!

rose stlouis says:

wow listend to it a 100 times

Alex Correa says:

Ass but no tits

snatchface8 says:

i don’t think this chick is so different from miley, nicki, azela banks, or
rita orta…but damn he bod is the best out of all them! :) datum!

Frankenstein_bacon says:

Keep working on it you’ll get there

Elwin Williams says:

…..i am confused…what am i supposed to be impressed by?

Ziah Kelly says:

she ain`t that bad she`s actually good

Chad Maples says:

Fine ass Nordic chick, ya better work bitch!

mauro correa says:

iggy’s amazing :)

Kevon Orlando says:

Oh no this rapping thing aint for you hun

baha yahyaoui says:

27 million views just for her ass :v

infinitive says:

people have no idea you went through all that shit only iggy :)! Chileans

Mikko Sandberg says:


Happy new year to yall

Jakya Figeraus says:

She cute and I like this song

Andre' Gray jnr says:

This is my song.. This song gives you an idea of how she got to where she
is..non illuminati shit.

Nina Crawford says:

Yeah I agree with Kitty Holmes

kenia melissa becerra padilla says:


Yaya Nkisi says:

Ok… Sooo you were a prostitute?

Kharizma Young says:

Wow shes really beautiful and way better than miley at twerkin

korryn taylor says:

The only white girl I know that can actually twerk with out using her back
only lol she a beast

deandre cole says:

azealia banks or iggy azalea??

Justin Mayle says:


ShadowKilla4nia says:

It is a shame such a beautiful white girl is acting like a fucking nigger

Auvondria West says:


K Tibaijuka says:

The beat is hot, but I think she should rap with her natural accent. 

Tyson Smith says:

and i think her bodyy is fake, white girl cant have a greatt bodyy like

Seven TAIL says:


justa ayala says:

shes hot dont u think spo guyss !!?? :/

Happy Gore says:

2:32 that was some weak ass movements lol

Dookie Gonzalez says:

I honestly love you. Beutiful :) <3

Albert Navarro says:

I just came for her ass

Mariana Ribeiro says:

iggy, you can steal my keys :3

Ricardo Sly says:

Fat asss

zara ibryam says:

:) la mejorr

Shayna smith says:

nice i listened to your song3’0000000000000000000000 times

Alexis Thomas says:

I had no idea who Iggy was, but this song just killed me. I love how she
used her own story. IGGY I LOVE YOU!!!!

chinfinginner says:


SyN Gamble says:

Love you Chelsea 

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