Fat Girl Twerking

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Fat Nasty and Gross.


Kimberly Wynn says:

Ummmm…. this was sad. 

lkjyuiop says:

WHOOP WHOOP bang pow boom is the shit chubby girls kick ass

jesse james says:

ok git the fuck off if you dont like fat girls danceing ok dont talk shit
say o thats a man no it is a girl or grose cuz some guys like big girls
aktuly big girls look beter than you fucking sticks ok and sayng o she is
to big to dance no it dont mater how big or small you are you can dance
pepole like all need to go to hell that is why pepol kill thar selfs cuz
priks like you try to put thim down whin thay are just haveing fun ok so
fuck you and if you got a problem with my mesage you can hit me up on my
facebook my name is james harris i got a pich of me in a black hat and a
wight t sert to the girl in the vid i say good job girl and keep haveing
fun whoop whoop from the wicked clown fam juggalos will never die whoop

Jailene Hill says:

her booty giggling


Thats nasty

kyla holder says:

You need to have more respect for yourself . Look like King Kong in a thong

HerO Chamill says:

God Dam she’s fine

wilsonmandudebro says:

wtf was that shit man goddamn it i was looking to laugh not cry

yenniilovescurly20 says:

Please tell me its a guy wearing some small ass thong

Kaiyah Baker says:


Kristin Rorie says:

No offense but are u sure that’s not a man in his sister’s panties?

cdj289 says:

can someone please let her know this is not suitable for human kind. viewer
discretion is advised. strongly

makeitboomerang says:

dem love handles thoo! haha

Cokegirl Taz says:

Babygirl done embarassed herself infront of the world , NO ASS , tryna
shake her wall lookin ass nd her fuck thing dont fit her -_-

Nifinity says:

It was funny but WTF she should be shame of her self putting this on
youtube like girl go get sum ass shots or sum thing like really and learn
how to twerk cuz this video nasty and gross frfr rs

hawkboy1792 says:

omg i’m blind

andesha hussian says:

Omggggggggggggggg shorty asss dead wrong wtfffffffffff

Skyler Germani says:

LOL gross

Funnyfish66 . says:

buy clothes that fit your fat ass.

betsyforever32 says:


obeyy Jacky says:

ewww wtf??

Racheal brooks says:

Yo has pot holes hahahahaha

alejandra Holguin says:

Baby girl buy u some thongs that fit cause this right here just looks nasty

jessicaforeverx3 says:

lmao im done. I WOULD NOT HIT THAT

Ephemera Ennui says:

You would expect some of the fat to go to her ass but there is like nothing

alimartinezluvsjb says:

I think that thong is a LITTLLLE too tiny !

HomestarCutie7 says:

Hank Hill butt…

Mandy Johnson says:

That is soooo NAsty!!! Get a life for real!!!

Payton Coulter says:

dude i just threw up, that shit is nasty

aidacarrillo29 says:

That’s fuckin funny I died lmfao

1992tayang says:


chris lane says:

Wtf hahahaha

Vianca Flores-Valenzuela says:

Where her booty lol

jim bob says:

FUcking nasty ass ugly white bitch aint got no booty like my double stuffed
cheese burgers

cupcake5200 says:


MrsSmexySaxChick says:

I’m doneee!!!

Xbeauty bycecilia says:


Apryle Gardner says:

Look like she has a eye patch on…llemf

Alexa808baby says:


rina constantino says:

One thing is a big girl twerking and another thing is this ……..thats
some nasty ass bitch ewwwwwwww.

1992tayang says:


Joann Esparza says:

Hellllll no

Arleth Merino says:

Eww wtf

Jessica Ulloa says:


Jordan England says:

YEAH, I just threw up

xX_DarKAngeL_Xx says:

LMMFAO! I’m so fuckin weak!

1992tayang says:

I can just died…

izabelmejia90 says:

Yo I will never get this 27sec back.

julio cuello says:


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