Boys twerking.

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My bestfriend and my homeboy twerking.


TheDms3 says:

The One whose older teach your little bro to twerk but you did really good


Lmao the whole video

Brandy Everly says:

U have some mujiggles

kayla mulcahy says:

dang that was good!

Mc cazy says:

funny but wat would be funny if kris kross was twerkin

norman8559 says:

Did he just say “my dick start hurting”??

Micahya Rogers says:

Boy i go hard

Daisy Kagamine says:

They’re good.

Kj Edwards says:

How old r they

Jo Sho says:

freakin amazing….Wanna see some more vids

aaron wyatt says:

damn are they gay like holly shit my eyes were burning

mnwaters11 says:

White boys got booty hahah

achlrz says:

Ahaha wurrrrk ♥♡

Micahya Rogers says:

Boys yall go hard. But bring me wher yall at nd i will really show yall how
to twerk

Jeffrey Harp says:

Gettin it

bishop brown says:


Nicholas Pabon says:

That was funny

austinalley17 says:


Phaval Hall says:

oooooooooo! they twerkin to 2 Chainz!

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