black girls twerking

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Molossian says:

That dark skinned one in the pink at 0:39 is whooaa. NICE ASS.

Blaq Diamond says:

da dark one is a butta head….everything looks good…”but ha head”

rickross3299 says:

i LOVE topless twerk

Amdre Clark says:

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Mike J says:

I will eat/fuck yall ass/pussy til yall cum

Come@mebro! says:

love black bitches, this is what they’re best for and couple other things

Tnazia Phifer says:

so improper

Christian Zeno says:


Summerical242 says:

To dirty. That’s why people think black are not evoluted.

Will Williams says:

Beautiful gyrls that can twerk 4sho.the video sucks becau there was no

Roiel Gayle says:

Damn dat azz doe

craycraynigga eiei d bxbdbe w eh says:

i want that

Christian Zeno says:

Omg’ fwm 3376601261

niggalil46 says:

gotta facebook

Jacob Waterhouse says:


123456789lonzo says:

More sexii

Jamie Moore says:

;@ bootytown7

bigred4464 says:

ugly tatted up monsters

mrhayes1976js says:

Damn!!..both of dem phat

Tim Lane says:

I wish u sexy ladies can twerk like that on my face

Anett says:

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