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melanie mason says:

the skinning one n the front goin hard is hell

yellowpinkgreengreen says:

Pure awesome. I vote this best of “boy booty dancing on YouTube”!

Alyasha Jones says:

First dude killed it tho!!!!!!!!!!!

Eve Beninca says:


Donjay Gayle says:

what the f****

Donjay Gayle says:

that’s kinda weird doe

Chris Rodriguez says:

red beans n rice didnt miss those ghetto booties! nice job on the routine.
brothas be doin it for themselves! the touch of class was the entering and
exiting of the room for the solos.

the2ndnickiminaj says:

Well I guess it’s true black guys can twerk wayyyyy better

Glasshamsa says:

Damn. Just… daaaaamn.

Red Luigi says:

I could make good money out of these guy.

Destiny Frost says:

Well it’s official…there are black men out there that can dance better
than me – a black woman XD oh man

tammy small says:

the dude with the black leggings has no butt…and he can twerk?!?! I Guess
I Can Too!!:))

Demismyname says:

I agree.. the first big think he too much… and the little one in the
black think he’s a real female….. I wish my gay brothers would MAN the
FUCK up tho


this shit i s crazy

oldschooljamz d says:

hahaha gay.

April Cribb says:

um lol

Rainbow Starling says:

i cant see it becuz i cant go to my channel

Licki Raiana Kaa Kerei says:

oh dios mio you the trillest !

babybeautified says:

You know these guys are gay cuz straight men just can’t twerk like black
women. Lmao.

uhZoku says:

lol wtf

Andrea Taylor-Britt says:

these guys did a great job!! I think if ppl look pass who they are and see
the talent….ijs…..they dance better than a lot of women ( hand
raised)!!! Get Guys I aint mad and I aint judging you ayyyyyeeee yall
killed it!!!

Sheyenne Leslie says:

twerk team wat u gotta say bout dat rite there….

Krizzia Vilchez says:

These Dudes are so good em jelly! But seriously great job guys!

Samantha Masenyama says:


david wade says:

fuckin faggots but they twerk gud though. the gayest one is the one in tha
black. the fat one tryna think he all tht. lol but y’all are gud though

ronaldo lewis says:


Dave Jones says:

the song it self tell you that

Brittny boop says:

black tang top guy , and black hat guy . Amazing! seriously jealous :P

Bre Foul says:

ok I see dude n da black straight killed it

DaQiangHui/Big Spear Society says:


killusoftly19 says:

That was good… Men shake that ass better than women..

Jasmine Jade Young says:

haha if only I could move like that…

Rakeysha Henderson says:

oh my god forreal tho guys twerking

Dave Jones says:

The two thick one killed that hottttttttttttttttttttttt

Dave Jones says:

Pretty sure the sacret out the bag beside

lorenzo rodriguez says:

i etaaaaa bainaaa eto eeh pa pajaro

Jose Mejia says:

so gay

eminem4ever26 says:

no you can’t

Red Luigi says:

shake dat ass

GammaPurplePantz says:

It sucks when grown men twerk better than you…

Latoya Breedlove says:


Greg Ochoa says:

Imagine the look on their parents’ face if they walked in on this lmao
Also, I wonder how long it took them to choreograph this haha

s becnel says:

seriously they dance better than mii a damm shame lmao wow

david wade says:

the fat one in the black tank top

angel criner says:

I couldn’t stop laughing but honestly… ya’ll were getting it though xD

Amanda Fynn says:

dude like tell me about it its just deep

shanyce finklea says:

that’s the same thang I said.

Olivia Patrick says:

what did i just watch…. O.O

April Cribb says:

drop it lowww

Sturm Bannfuhrer says:

very impressive apes.

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