2 Big Booty Girls Twerking To Round Of Applause

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Andres Gee says:


Jaquez Mobley says:

I would stick my dick in their asses. #I’mJustBein’Honest

RawieRozay says:

0:44 hella cross eyed n shit lol.

Faythe Lovee says:

Im a 21 senior in college majoring in education. i dont have any kids std’s
and i dont have a long list of sexual partners… i am a BLACK WOMAN and i
know im good for wayy more than just breeding. i think teaching is my
purpose. everybody has a purpose no matter what color they are….

pigman2324 says:

im white im not racist i think you black hair your sexy

Nathaniel Burrell says:

U with the black hair call me my number is 786 985 8570

Nathaniel Burrell says:

Take off the panties

Greb Jackson Jr says:

There strippers

Thulani Edward Masondo says:

yeah am black and I still agree

Faythe Lovee says:

yu really think s0????

prophecy505 says:

youll get more subscribers baby, do what you gotta do to get to the
top..you cant be scared of anything

freedmanhlasandraq says:

I am usually a tits man, but I needed to say something about her ass in
this video clip. I wish I could slap it – or perhaps let her know what I
wish to do to it! I h

Adranna Smalls says:

Yall just a bunch of slut

darrell simpson says:

i wonder how many foodstamps they get a month

maurice jones says:


Rodney Holloway says:

Make more

Ricky Galvan says:

Now That Good Ol’ Family Entertainment! SomeThing Everyone Can Enjoy.

samone brooks says:

you fucking hot but uhh STFU i wanna fuck you XD

kgmacful says:


katelynn henrichsen says:

Y’all one dirty people !!!!!

haackhlenoraz says:

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whistlepig75 says:

To think white people think what Miley did on stage was Twerking LOL

Dallas Davis says:

Were yall at

tebatso phiri says:


Shamar Mcdowell says:


boogie6543 says:

OMG 3:15

Ábner Souza says:

what song?

UnknownGamer II says:

This what caused the destruction of 911

Poop Weasel says:

Everyone who has watched this has jacked off to this I bet even kids jerk
off to this but damn dem asses doughhhh

TehBlueNinja says:

This is the instructional video for your g/f’s >.> dun knock the vid bro

Naequise Murchison says:


Locan Segota says:


jack330429 says:


Lucia Ramarumo says:

yooooooo…this one…de worse ever

BNFFN says:

1:43 OMFG <3

Candyman says:

Hit me up 3373239186

Scorpio Head says:


Quintin Tubbins says:

can u do That on me

khaldlaw says:

Fap fap fap fap fap

Jess Mikaerisu says:

oh shit This is porn OMG!!!!

iveybryant2 says:

Mmmmmm DAT ass

larryhouston28 says:

Damon love that!!!!!!!

Nico Willis says:

I enjoyed this a little more than a wanted to lol

Christowntv says:

Omfg boner

Julius Williams says:

but….ewww that shit was nasty

Nyny Cunningham says:

this nasty

edward bergamasgo says:


Travis Porter says:


O_VELA says:

Ok, dick, here i am!

JDKMM7 says:

are you seriously hitting some bitches up on YOUTUBE LOL

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