1. Twerk Video (Big Booty Bitch)

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RockoutG88 says:

is this thw original video?

KieranGunnOfficial says:

Come we meet up….

slurp Lick says:

Fuck I cummed al over my schreen

slurp Lick says:


king ice says:

what happened to vids everyweek?

Jordan B says:

Came here from twitter

Elijah Hunter says:

damn girl good shit

mark mitchell says:

dam girl love the video

NellMuneco says:

Haha Thanks, Subscribe? i’ll post videos every week ^_^

Michael Uzoh says:

luvn dis…

ramonhernandez350 says:

I can’t find the other video you posted on instagram

Carlos Hernandez says:

Damm that’s ass tho

Kenneth Bradford says:

0:13 – 0:19 always makes me wanna fuck you in the ass

zendayajabril says:


cartman1417 says:

Twerk with a thong on you ass will clap way better

Kenneth Bradford says:

If I was on a life machine, you would keep me alive honey. Nice Twerk ;)

LCameeno says:

when you gone make some more videos? :P

Leonard Alba says:

Damn that was bomb! Who was that!!

japhet absalum says:

keep up #nell

stojko cuksna says:

Woooow , this is amazing ass…

japhet absalum says:

can u add me pleaaaase!!!

Michael says:


Jaycob Davies says:

nice ass

rcg garcia says:

God I never get tired of this ass! Ugh I love it!

el nino says:

:0 ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my wrd i’m speechless dmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn!! u got
my!!_________ jumpin lol :)

Javon Walker says:

so sexxxy!

russ temple says:

i like your twerk video but that ass tho ;)

Blaise Jokess says:

omg! i am Definitely Subscribing to you!

NellMuneco says:

Like this comment if you CAME here from Facebook ..

Ramiro Casas says:

jiggle lol

cwal hiavale says:


sexyboy says:

Girl give make it clap for me. So i could eat da shit out of it <3

Atrax Ace says:

Work dat ass

LCameeno says:

when you gone make some more videos? :P

NellMuneco says:

Like this comment if you DIDNT come here from my fcebook, Like you found
the video on your own,

Joshua Mccabe says:


davidpfeifer86 says:

1st boner 2day.

Luis Gonzalez says:

Is this you who’s twerking?

rosareyes639 says:

I love it

Kenneth Bradford says:

nah the whole damn video does actually

Dats_Wassaname says:

Damn mami dat booty juicy ♥

eherojuicer says:

I like big butts and I can not lie you other brothers can’t deny when a
girl walks in with an ittybitty waist you get sprung

Joshua Jos says:

Like BigBooty

shawn sutcliffe says:

Fucking sexy ass

LilSavageDueceOneENT says:

Your Ass Fat , And You Moving Dat Fat Booty


you need more videos

Gen Wolf says:


Juan Longoria says:

Nice ass baby girl

Junior Alcala says:

God damn u should do a nude one girl cuz we all wanna c tht big o botty

tobi greyhair says:

do more videos!

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